Introducing Brick Buddies FTC Member…

I would like to welcome a fabulous new addition to Team Brick Buddies, Aaron Cappadoro, age 13.   Aaron will be an 8th grader this fall at Adams Middle School in Hillsborough County.  We are very lucky to have him and his supportive parents as part of the Brick Buddies family.  Aaron has many diverse interests and skills.  He plays the clarinet in the school jazz band.  And, last year he took 1st place in the school Science Fair in the Technology Division.  Aaron loves the outdoors– being on the water, boating to islands, and exploring Florida’s rivers and tubing.  He has also been raising a squirrel named Rocky that lives in the backyard, since it was three weeks old!  Aaron loves to build and take apart things to understand how they work.  He even has developed his own app store!  We are excited to have Aaron jump on board as we go into FTC this season.


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