2011 FTC Florida Kick-Off for “Bowled Over!”

After much anticipation and several weeks of building a basic robot and learning Robot C programming, we finally got to see the release of the FTC Game in person at the Florida Kick-Off in Orlando, hosted by team, Exploding Bacon.  We arrived early so we could attend the Sensor Workshop hosted by team Minotaur’s Hans & Carson Wolfe.  There was also a workshop about Mechanical Design prior to the Game Release.  It was great to meet up with old friends and see Tyler on Smoke & Mirrors and Johnny now on Team Duct Tape.  And now it seems as if Nick and his dad, Rich Berglund couldn’t stay away from FIRST as well.  (We’re just all suckers, aren’t we!)  The Game looks really challenging!  There are a lot of different types of scoring elements, not to mention the fact that one of them is a 6lb. bowling ball.  Everyone was excited to be able to get on the field and touch the pieces and talk strategy!  Before the day was even over, the team was already sketching prototypes and discussing possible robot designs!  After a great day, we all went to Downtown Disney and ate dinner together and stopped at the LEGO store.  It would be a team Brick Buddies outing, without a stop for LEGO!


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