Last Saturday, we welcomed more than 25 teams to Lomax Elementary for our annual FIRST outreach event, Tune It Up, Tampa!

Organized Chaos

It was great to see how many people are becoming involved in starting First LEGO League teams in Florida.  We had groups from every corner of the State, from Ocala, and Orlando, from way over in Brevard, and all the way from Miami! The Workshop Day helps veteran teams work on specific team details in order to become more competitive, while most of our Rookie teams are just getting basic information on how to get their teams started for the season!  Even though we organize the event, it’s a group effort of many veteran FLL Leaders and teams who volunteer their time:  Lomax Robopanthers and Coach, Greg Verrill; FTC Coaches, Paul Bresnan & KK Quah; Tournament Director, Rich Berglund; Amanda Peterson with Energy Elites; not to mention all the parents and team members on Team Brick Buddies!

We had great time with all of the teams!  And we look forward to another fantastic Workshop Day, 2012.  Stay tuned.  And remember, register early!

Team Technical


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