Middleton Madness Tournament

Well, we survived our first FTC Tournament.  We had a fantastic day!  Both the team and robot performed great– way beyond our expectations.  Everyone from tournament officials, to the Refs, to the Florida Director of FTC kept saying how impressed they were with how well the kids were working together in the Pit and Driving on the Field.  FTC is a great program!  The matches are exciting and challenging and chaotic.  You’re up; you’re down!  You’re against one team, one round and alliances five minutes later!  It’s quite a roller coaster. I am proud of how our kids handled themselves their first time out!  We also learned, we still have a lot to learn.  We’re novices at strategy and scoring.  We had no idea what QP and Ranking Points were or their importance.  We lacked scouting skills and really didn’t think we’d need to utilize them until we found ourselves an Alliance Captain in our very first tournament.  Can’t possibly know everything in one go-round!  And couldn’t have asked for a better experience.  What a great day day!

Team Brick Buddies wins PTC Design Award


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