Our Jr. First LEGO League teams are hard at work and the work is hard!   Every few days, I come across an email in my inbox: “My kids loves LEGO.  How can I get them involved?”  And this is how… Jr FLL (for kids 6-9) or FLL (for kids, 9-14).  Here is what our kids who LOVE to play with LEGO are learning.  It’s not all about them.  Learning to work together is hard-won skill.  It takes time.  Learning to work collaboratively, sharing your ideas, and listening to another person’s input are all valuable lessons in which we use LEGO as the tool.  By the end, they’re less likely to say, “I built this” and more likely to say “WE made this.”  Contact us to get involved with Jr. FLL or come out to our event, “Build By the Bay” at the Glazer Children’s Museum, Saturday, April 7th.  To Register your Jr FLL Team for the Expo, see our Jr.FLL Page.  See you there!


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