You know how at Thanksgiving, cooking experts man the Butterball Turkey ‘hotline’ to field all kinds of questions.  I called once and shockingly I was cooking, not a turkey, but a really big chicken, but I digress…  Several years ago, we met the family who created Team Landroids, John Yeh and Pearl Hwang and their son Karlin while we were all volunteering at World Festival.  We have remained close (working long 12 hour days will do that!) and their team has been a great role model for our own community robotics team.

Veteran Team Landroids mentors long distance

Veteran Team Landroids mentors long distance

We have often passed back and forth advice, strategy, and feedback.  When you need expert robot advice who would your team want to call?  Brick Buddies calls the 2012 World Festival Inspire Award recipients!  Although, we had empathy for the recent blizzard, it enabled us to get in a quick mentor email session.  They provided us detailed feedback and advice on some improvements we could make as we prepare for our State Championship. And apparently, we’re not alone. Other teams come to them for mentoring as well!  And, if you ask me, these kids should hang out a sign like the Peanuts cartoon character, “Lucy.”  People pay for consulting, for tutoring… this could be a whole Livingston Robotics Club expert consulting empire!  But, we’re grateful, for their great GP–for giving of their time and talent for free, for the time being!  Thanks Team Landroids; Here’s to long distance mentoring!


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