Our team was recently approached by Sony Pictures and XPRIZE to serve as an Ambassador Team for the global robotics contest, XPRIZE After Earth Challenge.  Although, a tremendous opportunity, we didn’t enter into the decision lightly.  For our small community team, it was, we’re either “all in together” or we’re not.  We don’t consider it Team outreach if it’s one or two of us; instead it’s a commitment we make as Team Brick Buddies.  Additionally, it was a large amount of work compressed into a short deadline during end of year exam time.  We could not have had the experience without the support of each other, our families, and our schools.

Team Brick Buddies with Will Smith

Team Brick Buddies with Will & Jaden Smith

We were extremely proud that XPRIZE felt Brick Buddies could represent their brand in this way and recognized we run a “kids do the work” program.  When we signed on, we anticipated it might be exciting.  We really had no idea the team would be on stage and get interviewed by Will & Jaden Smith or that they would be walking the Red Carpet for interviews.  And when your team is featured on Will Smith’s Facebook page with 42 million followers– that’s really a whole new level of outreach, we can’t even comprehend!   While we can’t compete in the XPRIZE After Earth Challenge, we hope to see a lot of familiar faces take it on.  You could wind up the Grand Prize winner and be featured on the DVD– talk about awesome outreach!  The deadline for Phase I submissions is June 7th!  So, check it out, now!  www.xprizeafterearth.com


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