XPRIZE After Earth Challenge

The XPRIZE After Earth Challenge is in full swing.  It’s for teens, ages 13-17.  Phase I video submissions are due by June 7th.  Information about team registration and official rules can be found online. www.xprizeafterearth.com.  Here are some tips if you are working on Phase I.

1. Choose the video essay that best represents your team.  There are two distinct questions, one exploring a team’s views on sustainability and one imagining a  scenario for your robot visiting Nova Prime.  It has been our experience to select the topic that most interests your team members.

2. Your team should brainstorm what ‘type’ of video to make.  Is it going to be funny, informative, etc… What is going to be the setting?  Is the video going to have a narrative or tell a story?  How are you going to film it?  We suggest you look to answer these questions early in the development of your video essay.  You don’t want to research and plan a video and then decide to make a clay or LEGO stop motion movie two days before the deadline.  Ask yourselves these questions?  Where can we shoot our video?  Is it going to be a live action video?  Does someone need to write a script and do lines need to be memorized?  Are you including narration or voice over?  In a previous Challenge, we used a storyboard and a shot list, to keep track of our Video Essay project and manage our time.

Working on a stop motion video

Elizabeth & JD timing a stop-motion video.

3. Use of copyrighted music and photography. When creating a video that will be uploaded to the internet, make sure you read the rules to any contest or Challenge you are involved in.  It is illegal to lay down a track from off your top iTunes playlist that’s copyrighted!  There is a lot of free or non-licensed music you can use or perhaps you have a team member with some music talent.

4. Be yourself and be involved in the video.  It’s not about making the most professional video production there is.  It’s about creating a video and conveying your message.  Remember, the Video Essay for After Earth can be no longer than (2) minutes.  Good luck teams!

Team Brick Buddies, XPRIZE After Earth Ambassador Team.


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