New Partners, New Projects

We told ourselves we were on hiatus this year, taking a sabbatical, a respite from the roller coaster of STEM activities that had so encompassed us in 2012.  But, then came VEX, and hosting our FLL tournament, and FTC called for help with Hardware Inspections and then FLL Ref season and then a sabbatical was something that probably needed to involve a deserted island.  But then something interesting happened involving STEM here. The Tampa Hackerspace opened and people came and people joined and projects and ideas have come to life and it’s quite a community of innovation and hobbyists!  For that reason, it’s time to officially come out of hiatus, not that we, ever, were on one. IMG_0372 So, we’re on to a new Project with our friends at Tampa Hackerspace.  We’re working together and we’re building some quadcopters.  We’ve had a lot of interest.  So many people are interested in this hobby.  Tampa Hackerspace will be doing a Quad Project for the USF Engineering Expo, February 21-22nd.  Come by and visit us. With the new Embry Riddle Aerospace Program at our school, I get asked about this all time.  We hope to even offer a future class at the Hackerspace on how to get started and take away some of the mystery of this hobby.


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