What is Jr. First LEGO League?  

Jr. FLL is for kids, 6-9.  It is for kids, who love LEGO and want to get some like-minded pals together who also, “love LEGO.”  Jr. FLL gives kids the opportunity to get introduced to FIRST, For Inspiration & Recognition of Science & Technology.  JR. FLL is a non-competitive program where kids learn to work together on a project, based on theme that somewhat follows the theme for FLL (First LEGO League).


What does a team do?

Teams meet once or twice a week for 6 weeks. Some teams meet everyday over a holiday break.  It’s totally up to you! Students will become familiar with the Challenge, and choose a topic.  With the help of parents/coaches, they will learn about the theme and maybe take a field trip. They will build a LEGO model with a motor and create a Show Me poster related to the theme.

Can anyone coach?  
Yes!  Coaches guide the team through the season by facilitating discussion and encouraging problem solving. No technical background is necessary. Most often, the coach is a teacher or a parent of a team member.
How do I start a Jr.FLL team?  
Teams are structured in a variety of different ways; some are clubs or after-school programs that meet year-round, while others are formed by parents, community organizations, or youth groups.  We encourage parents and teachers to start teams in their areas and then invite other interested students to join.  FIRST provides lots of information to help you with this process. To learn more about starting a Jr.FLL team in your area, please visit the Jr.FLL “How to Start a Team” on the FIRST website. www.usfirst.org.
How many kids can be on a team? 
Teams may have a few as two (2), but no more than six (6) students.
Do I have to buy a lot of stuff?
You can register as team and buy the kit that is offered or you can use your own LEGO you have at home.  You do need a Large LEGO baseplate and some type of LEGO motor. Any type is fine.  LEGO sells a Power Functions Medium Size motor and battery box on LEGO.com which is fairly inexpensive.
If you live in Pinellas County, or somewhat nearby, email us and we’ll help you get started this season.    kappelers@yahoo.com
If you have an additional questions, contact the JrFLL/FLL Partner for West Coast Florida, Desh Bagley at dbagley5@hccfl.edu

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