FLL Workshop Day has come to a close for the Sucoast Region. Brick Buddies and Minotaur had a great time meeting and mentoring teams.
We had a lot of questions from coaches and students.  The Number One most asked question from rookie and sophomore teams was why aren’t our programs reliable from one day to the next?  Here are some tips?
#1.  Battery Level!!!!  We can’t stress enough how important it is to check your battery level on your robot. You should have TWO batteries per robot for during practice and programming and be replacing them if you program for more than an hour.  You will always run a robot at a tournament FULLY CHARGED and you should be practicing and programming on a FULLY CHARGED robot.  You will be shocked how well your programs work!
2. Almost every team asked how to keep their robots on track and going straight.  Aside from the battery, here are some additional tips we discussed if you had us for your Technical Workshop and the links:
For EV3 teams, this is a very good explanation on how to use the gyro sensor to help with drift and keep your robot on the straight and narrow
60 percent of the teams we saw are still using the NXT 2.0, so here is the info specifically for your teams:
In Robot Design, we talked to several teams who use dead reckoning to navigate the mat, and complained  about their robot drifting either right or left, to try and find matching motors.  I explained a very simple, effective way to do this; here is a much more sophisticated way to get similar results.
Jim Sluka’s PID Line Following Tutorial for teams

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