MoonBots is an annual robotics competition that is part of the educational program of Google Lunar X Prize.  Teams of up to 5 students compete in two phases of competition.  The first phase is an educational video production where teams research a variety of topics from GLXP to Heritage Artifacts.   Teams selected to compete in Phase II of the competition must design both a LEGO Lunar Landscape Game and a competitive LEGO NXT Mindstorms robot to complete a challenge.  Phase II of MoonBots also includes a live outreach event.  Last season, our Brick Buddies Explorers team was one 30 Phase II international finalists.  We were very excited to have partnered with one of the Google Lunar X Prize teams vying for the $30 million dollar prize– Team Omega Envoy.  It was a tremendous opportunity for our students to witness such excitement and innovation first-hand!  If you would like more information about the Google Lunar X Prize and its educational programs, visit

944114_10152821873545161_1378350039_nMoonBots was on hiatus during the summer while waiting the release of the new Mindstorms Kit, EV3.  The X Prize Foundation partnered with Sony and launched a Robotics Competition in partnership with the movie, “After Earth” and its star, Will Smith.  Students from Brick Buddies were selected by X Prize to serve as Ambassadors for this summer robotics program and encourage more youth to get involved in such STEM programs. Brick Buddies participated in media and press events related to the After Earth Challenge and build a demo model of the Challenge to help teams get a sense of what Phase II competitors could expect, if selected.  We are extremely grateful that organizations and companies seek out our team to represent them in this type of fashion.  2013-05-16 17.23.46-2


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