IMG_0190Brick Buddies FIRST LEGO League Qualifying Tournament, Robots At Rushe will be Saturday, January 17th at Charles S. Rushe Middle School, Land O Lakes.  We host this annual Tournament as part the Florida Qualifying FLL system.

This year, the tournament is full to capacity.  Rushe Middle School continues to be an excellent venue for a qualifying tournament.  Here are some FAQ about the tournament:

For the new “League” system schedule for 2015-2016, please contact Desh Bagley with Suncoast FLL for tournament availability in your area.

What is FLL?  First LEGO League, is a competitive robotics competition for students, ages 9-14.  Kids can be associated with a team at the school or they can be a part of a neighborhood or community team. More info is at

Can I come watch a tournament?  Yes.  Tournaments are free and open to the public.  Tournaments usually start at 9am and go until 2pm.  Parents and Spectators may watch the LEGO robot Game, portion of the competition.  Judging is closed to the public.

Can I join a team while I’m there?  A tournament is a very chaotic scene.  You can certainly talk to teams and get information about FLL.  But it is unlikely you can join a team at this time, as tournaments occur at the end of the season.

How can I get my child on a team?  Talk to your school administration and introduce them to FLL and ask about starting a team. Or you can coach your own community team.  Teams can have anywhere from 3-10 team members.  We can help with a presentation.  The cost of running a team, the first year is about $1000. The season runs from May – February.

If you have questions, please contact the Tournament Director, Shelley Kappeler,

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