Area Jr.FLL Team Getting Ready for April Expo!

Team Homeschool Lego Leopards  consists of homeschool students from Pinellas & Pasco county. Everyone on the team is a rookie, including the coach! The kids embraced the concept of teamwork and really got involved in the project.  They selected pizza as their snack and have been busy researching how the ingredients get safely to our homes. We enjoyed an informative field-trip to Publix to learn about food safety in their stores. Once the team started building they couldn’t stop! They have built several models of things that were meaningful in their research including: a refrigerator with working fan and miniature food, a sink with moving faucet, a remote control delivery truck with a delivery person, and a garden where their crops were harvested. It was great to see the teamwork and how the kids communicated and worked with everyones ideas. They are very excited to attend the Jr. First LEGO League Expo at the Glazer Children’s Museum, Saturday, April 7th.  If you are interested in getting your child into this organized LEGO program, join us next Saturday and see how you can get involved!