Brick Buddies is a non profit community STEM organization, that reaches out to youth who are interested in science and technology, software programming, mechanical engineering and applying those skills through various STEM related activities.  We conduct summer camp and after school programs and single one-day workshops.   We also support parents, teachers and new coaches who want to start new FIRST teams in Jr.FLL, First LEGO League, or FTC.  Brick Buddies serves as an umbrella organization for community robotics teams and acts as a fiscal agent.  We help host the largest one day FLL Training in Florida, called FLL Workshop Day, held in October each season. Each season we are also actively involved in the growth of competitive robotics teams in the greater Tampa Bay region.   If you have a group of kids, ages 9-14 (FLL) or 6-9 (JrFLL), and want to get involved in FIRST, let us know!  We can help with mentor expertise for running a successful program.

We formed as a small group in our living room when our daughter came to us and said she wanted to do robotics and there was no club at her school. She got some ‘buddies’ and Brick Buddies born and continues to grow to this day. We also encourage participation in a variety of STEM related programs, such as SUMO bots, Math Moves U and Robofest. Each season we look for new projects like the MoonBots Google Lunar X Prize Challenge and in 2013 were of the 30 international finalists. Brick Buddies hosts workshops and events across Florida to help promote STEM education.   If you would like to become involved with Brick Buddies, please contact us.


2015 Finalist Alliance Captain – League Championship

2015 Control Award – League Championship

2014 League Tournament 1st Place Award – Middleton Meet

2013 FTC Florida State Championship Winning Alliance

2013 FTC Florida State Championship PTC Design Award Winner

2013 Finalist Alliance Captain – League Championship

2013 FTC Robot Game 1st Place Award – Seminole Meet

2013 FTC 1st Place Team Judged Award – Seminole Meet

2012 FTC 3rd Place Team Judged Award – Telsa Meet

2012 FTC 2nd Place Team Judged Award – Hillsborough Meet

2012 Google Lunar X Prize MoonBots Challenge Finalist Team

2012 THINK Award: FTC Florida State Championship Tournament

2012 Inspire Award & Winning Alliance: FTC Seminole SpecTECHular Tournament

2011 PTC Design Award & Alliance Captain: FTC Middleton Madness

2011 2nd Place Robot Performance: Florida State Championship Tournament

2011 FLL Florida Coach of Year: Shelley Kappeler

2011 West Coast Regional FLL Tournament: Tournament Champions, (State Bid)

2010 Tampa Qualifying FLL Tournament: Tournament Champions, (Regional Bid)

2010 West Coast Regional Tournament: 1st Place Research, (State Bid)

2009 Weasels At Work Tournament: 1st Place: Teamwork (Regional Bid)

2008 Tampa Qualifying Tournament: 1st Place: Teamwork


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